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The Money Connection WebLog Site has been around for several years now. Founders Mr. Harvey Sr. & E. Bishop III decided that our community needed a media outlet specifically for the Urban Community. We are here to fill that void that has been opened by network news and financial outlet whose focus is on national issues. Our community is falling down and a much needed influx of capital has to be found!!!

Community Support

For years our community has deteriorated into a haven for drugs and failed social service programs. Now those who provided this failure has left and abandon their effort to improve. So its up to us the community.

Building Relationships

As the community must not fail we have an obligation to start building bridges to success by fostering relationship within the community. Teardown abandoned housing and work with local government we control.

Visual & Audio Communicating

With supporting and building relationships within our communities we have to communicate with each other our efforts coordinating, so we eliminate duplication.

Speak to our Concerns

Become compassionate builders not destroyers of ideas.

Improve our most valuable assets

Understand that our value and sustainability lives in educating our children. Fostering their creativity and standing up for them during failed episodes.

Stop Crying & StandUp

Stop lying down when there’s work to be done. The harder the project “The Stronger we become“. “Nothing Good Comes Easy

Contact Us

In hopes of improving our communication mechanism for our readers please share you experience and views on how we are performing.  You comments are important to us.

Thank You – Money Connection Team

Privacy and Confidential Statement as it concerns The Money Connection:  

For clarity to all our readers and podcast viewers The Money Connection propose to conduct ourselves as far as your privacy and confidentiality in the utmost of secrecy. The European Union has taken the lead in ensuring their citizens are protected. And though our entity resides in the US and our Leaders have no concern with your privacy protection through their inaction and callousness in addressing this sensitive issue The Money Connection and its affiliates will be adopting the strict rules concerning your privacy that our EU neighbors have for their citizens. Henceforth T. M. C. will comply to the following privacy rules:  

  • The right to be informed: If a company is collecting data, they need to tell data subjects what’s being collected, why it’s being collected, what it’s being used for, how long it’s going to be kept, and if it’s going to be shared with third parties. This information can’t be buried deep in a terms of service no one reads; it has to be concise and in plain language.
  • The right to access: If they request it, any organization that has personal data regarding a data subject must provide it to them within a month.
  • The right to rectification: If a data subject finds out that a company has data on them that’s incorrect, they can request that it gets updated. Companies have one month to comply.
  • The right to erasure: A data subject can request that a company deletes any data that is held on them in certain circumstances. For example, if the data is no longer needed or they are withdrawing their consent for it to be used.
  • The right to restrict processing: If an organization cannot delete a data subjects’ data—for example, because they need it for legal case—then they can request that the company limit how it’s used.
  • The right to data portability: Data subjects have the right to take their personal data from one service and use it with another.
  • The right to object: If data is collected without consent but for legitimate business interests, for the public good, or by an official authority, the data subject can object. The organization must then stop processing the data until they can prove they have legitimate reasons to do so.
  • Rights related to automated decision making including profiling: The GDPR puts into place safeguards so that individuals can object to or get an explanation about automated decisions that affect them and their data.
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