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The Money Connection WebLog Site has been around for several years now. Founders Mr. Harvey Sr. & E. Bishop III decided that our community needed a media outlet specifically for the Urban Community. We are here to fill that void that has been opened by network news and financial outlet whose focus is on national issues. Our community is falling down and a much needed influx of capital has to be found!!!

Community Support

For years our community has deteriorated into a haven for drugs and failed social service programs. Now those who provided this failure has left and abandon their effort to improve. So its up to us the community.

Building Relationships

As the community must not fail we have an obligation to start building bridges to success by fostering relationship within the community. Teardown abandoned housing and work with local government we control.

Visual & Audio Communicating

With supporting and building relationships within our communities we have to communicate with each other our efforts coordinating, so we eliminate duplication.

Speak to our Concerns

Become compassionate builders not destroyers of ideas.

Improve our most valuable assets

Understand that our value and sustainability lives in educating our children. Fostering their creativity and standing up for them during failed episodes.

Stop Crying & StandUp

Stop lying down when there’s work to be done. The harder the project “The Stronger we become“. “Nothing Good Comes Easy

Contact Us

In hopes of improving our communication mechanism for our readers please share you experience and views on how we are performing.  You comments are important to us.

Thank You – Money Connection Team

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