About The money Connection

Throughout this blog site you will be exposed to the bottom line that effect and affect the power of money. But we will also promote justice and opportunity by preventing financial inequities through the development and implementation of comprehensive solutions.  We believe that the love of money is the root of all evil. At the same time, the utilization of money combined with social conscience and capitalism can provide credible best practices that address financial disparity.

The above statement is our mission to serve you our audience. We will never talk or imply ignorance to anyone reading our blog pages. Our goal is the formulation of solutions that assist those who are striving for financial security. Almost 600 years ago Columbus was supposed to have discovered America but there were people already here so possibly the word should have been conquered America. But, since that time the conquerors have taken this country and have built a capitalist nation where greed is an acceptable behavior. At this moment all of the authors of this blog have their own home and are secure financially. But, to get where we are their were standards our parents instilled into us that drove us to success. First and foremost education. Each one of us took a different route that accomplished that goal. So:

  • We still have pubic Schools
  • We have home schooling
  • We have private schooling
  • We have online schooling

For those young readers please take advantage of any one schooling method. Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste (a quote by very smart person). As stated greed is driving our economic environment, but you can produce wealth or a decent living without being greedy and that’s what we will be preaching throughout this blog. Building secure communities by the development and implementation of comprehensive solutions. Enjoy our site!! Love what we have for your social consciousness and we will give you ideas in how to survive in a capitalist society.

Always be aware that learning never ends and reading is powerful, cool and healthy, otherwise our slave masters would not have had laws against teaching us how to read. But, Understanding what we read can be a difference maker.

 The Money Connection and our Affiliate TedEd TV Channel where we post weekly Saturday Podcast are proud to have you enjoy and relate to our effort in informing our community. 

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